Tutorial - Get Started


This tutorial is designed to introduce you to the basic concept and operation of ATAF.  You will require a basic understanding of the anatomy of an Oracle APEX application and the principles of software testing.  This environment is for demonstration purposes only and not for use with production environments.  If you would like to take it further and use the system on one of your own applications, then download and install the source code from Github, or talk to us about our cloud hosting options.

1. Sign up for a free ATAF demo account

2. Download and install Selenium IDE

  • Download and install Firefox if you don’t already have it.  (Note, Selenium IDE on Chrome is currently unable to run JQuery Scripts, so we recommend Firefox)
  • Install the Selenium IDE Firefox plugin

3. Create a New Project

  • Click on the Log In link in the navigation bar above
  • Enter the User Name and Password emailed to you and set a new password.  You should be able to view a demo project called P Track, which you can use for reference.
  • Click the button Create New Project 
  • Give the project a name - e.g. “My Demo Project”
  • In the Application ID, select 103 - P -Track 
  • In the Domain field type https://www.apextestautomation.co.uk
  • Click Create

4. Design Your Tests

  • Log In to the target application - 103 - P-Track using the account details provided to you for ATAF
  • Design the Test Suites and Test Cases you want to build and familiarise yourself with the processes.  For this tutorial we will build the following Test Specification and Test Case:
  • Smoke Test
    • Log In 
    • Log Out

5. Create Specification

6. Create Test Cases

7. Create Log In Test Conditions

8. Create Log Out Test Conditions

9. Run the Test Specification