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Version 0.5 Tech18 (Selenium 3 Compatible)

Test Driven Design

Design test specifications and build test cases before you’ve written a line of code and then write code that passes those tests.

Cloud Grid Testing

Run tests in parallel and on a variety of different Operating System and Browser environments.  Schedule tests to run run out or hours or have them triggered by a Continuous Integration process.

Data Driven Testing

Use different datasets to reuse test cases for different test scenarios.  Use data groups to test validations and conditional functionality.

Test Strategy

Developing a test strategy in an Agile environment can be a challenging prospect.  It involves evaluating your risk tolerance and striking a balance between maintainability, cost and risk.  Independent advice, or “a second pair of eyes”, can be a cost effective approach creating a test strategy that is appropriate for your organisation.

Test Design

We now have 3 years experience with building automated browser tests for Apex applications using the Apex Test Automation Framework.   Along the way, we have evolved a process for building test suites that promotes Test Case reuse and ensures full test coverage of the critical parts of your application.

Test Administration

Our experience suggests that Developers in a multifunctional delivery team, do not always have the time to check test results, update scripts and rerun any false positives.  Our test administrator service will check the tests each morning, triage any fails, update scripts and refer bugs back to the delivery team.

Test Reporting

As part of our Test Administration service, we will create a management report at the end of the sprint cycle that summarises the browser tests including; number of fails, outstanding issues, percentage of application tested, recommendations, etc.  This feeds directly back into the Retrospective ceremony of your Agile process.

Simon Hunt

Test Analyst


Angela Markwick

Test Administrator